Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Support Work) (Level 3)



An interest in working in travel and tourism usually comes from a love of experiencing new places, but also a love of helping and communicating with a wide variety of people.

If you’re not sure whether travel and tourism is the right fit for you but you’re still keen on a career where you can spend your days making an impact on people’s lives, this Level 3 Certificate in Health & Wellbeing (Support Work) could unlock a world of opportunities for you.

The vocational 20-week Health course provides practical skills and prepares you for employment as a support worker in healthcare.

You’ll also have three weeks’ work experience at a health care provider.

You will learn

Holistic wellbeing in NZ healthcare

Planning and management in NZ healthcare

Cultural awareness in NZ healthcare

Professionalism in NZ healthcare



New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Support Work) - Level 3

Auckland City Campus

  • 14th Feb 2022 – 8th July 2022

Hamilton Campus

  • 7th Feb 2022 – 01st July 2022

20 weeks

FREE* (TTAF funded) for domestic students.

*The Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund(TTAF) is an initiative by NZ Govt to support NZ domestic learners to undertake vocational education and training without fees.

Targeted Training and Apprenticeships

As part of the government's Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF), this programme is free because it is focused on an area that is important for the New Zealand economy.



Meet one of our Health students