Broadmoor Resort, Colorado Springs

When you intern at the five-star Broadmoor Resort you’ll get to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the USA, while enjoying everything the stunning Rocky Mountains has to offer!





What to expect at our Broadmoor internship

Since opening its doors a hundred years ago, the Broadmoor offers guests an incredible way to experience the unique beauty of the American West.

It’s home to 17 restaurants, cafes and lounges, legendary golf, a world-renowned tennis programme, 19 distinctive retail outlets and an array of resort programmes.

NZST students who intern at the Broadmoor Resort get the chance to experience roles such as reservations, conferences, events, front desk and hospitality for up to 12 months.







The Broadmoor Resort is located in picturesque Colorado Springs, at the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. On your days off you’ll get the chance to be a tourist and explore this beautiful part of the world!

What job will I get placed in at the Broadmoor?

  • There are so many options at the Broadmoor! Your role could be in reservations, conferences and events, front desk, hospitality, room service or a position at the resort’s world-renowned golf club.

How long can I go to the Broadmoor for?

  • Your internship at the Broadmoor can be either 6 or 12 months. 

Will I get accommodation provided?

  • You’ll stay at the Broadmoor for your first four weeks. Once you’ve settled in, you’ll move to a shared apartment nearby. 

What will I do for meals?

  • All your meals will be provided when you’re working at the resort. For other meals and on your days off, the city of Colorado Springs has plenty of restaurants and fast food outlets to choose from and you can also cook in your apartment. 

What can I do on my days off?

  • The city of Colorado Springs is a tourist town with no shortage of things to do. There are more than 60 attractions including trains, museums, parks, a zoo and more. Whether you're looking for outdoor thrills or educational and cultural activities, your days are sure to be packed with adventure! You can learn more about Colorado Springs here.



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