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So, you've got a family member wanting to study at NZ School of Tourism. How exciting! We bet you've got loads of questions about how we do things and the state of the tourism industry. Take a read of the below to get an idea of the amazing opportunities that await in travel & tourism, and if you've got anything else you'd like to check in with us about, you can contact us here.



The tourism industry

NZ School of Tourism students are in high demand. There’s no doubt that global tourism experienced an extreme hit due to the emergence of Covid-19 and the resulting lockdowns and travel restrictions. However, things are looking up with vaccine rollouts and managed border re-openings around the world enabling movement and breathing life back into the tourism industry.

Our graduates have great career prospects and are still participating in international and domestic internships, with more than 100 students flying off to work overseas throughout 2021 and many more interning and working at some of the top tourism operators throughout NZ.







Doubling down on domestic tourism

The future of New Zealand tourism is also bright. The government is investing heavily in growing and improving domestic tourism, which is worth roughly $23b to the economy and has always been the cornerstone of our tourism industry. Kiwis have spent a total of $8.37b on domestic tourism since the start of the pandemic, which is a 15% increase from pre-Covid levels. 

The government is also focusing on ways to continue the growth in off-season travel (between April and October) which has experienced a significant uplift since Covid-19. This provides year-round job stability and security for our graduates entering the local tourism industry.




Industry connections 

New Zealand School of Tourism students remain in high demand and our strong connections throughout the industry means we’re often the first port of call whenever job openings arise. Our students are still participating in international and domestic internships, with more than 100 students flying off to work overseas throughout 2021 and many more interning and working at some of the top tourism operators throughout NZ. We are confident these opportunities will continue to pick up throughout 2022 and beyond.

Set up for success 

When students graduate from NZST, they often tell us that one of the most important things they’ve learned is to believe in themselves. A newfound confidence and thirst for life emerges, as well as a real knowledge of business operations that applies to all sectors. These are the things that truly equip our students for success.

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Uniforms & Clothing

At New Zealand School of Tourism, we encourage you to be Work Ready, World Ready, so you’ll be expected to come to campus in corporate clothing. For more details, you can contact the friendly teams on campus on 0800 10 2020. 

Studylink course-related costs can assist you with the purchase of uniform.

*Note: jandals, slip on shoes with no backstrap or flat shoes are not considered corporate so should not be worn on campus at any time. 

Computers and Wifi

We recommend you have access to a laptop or similar device throughout your studies. However if you don’t have one, please have a chat to our team about your options as we may be able to support you.

Class attendance

It’s really important students have full attendance - if you miss out on work it can be very difficult to catch up and can really reduce your chances of success. Poor attendance might also impact student loans or allowances, and even your chance of being offered a domestic or international internship.

Study concerns and support

If you’re worried about your child or family members studying, you can talk with one of our Student Enrolment Advisors. However, attending the course is your family member’s responsibility and we cannot give out specific information about them without their prior written permission.

If your child or family member doesn’t get along with their tutor or another staff member, the best way to deal with the situation is for the student to try to resolve the problem by discussing it directly with the individual staff member. However, if they don’t feel comfortable doing this, one of our Student Enrolment Advisors will be happy to help.

Getting to and from campus

All New Zealand School of Tourism campuses are well-located for public transport and students may be entitled to travel discounts. Check our individual campus pages for more details.