2024 Graduate Upskilling Scholarship for NZ School of Tourism Graduates


The 2024 Graduate Upskilling Scholarship is designed to support graduates from the New Zealand School of Tourism (NZST) in advancing their education and enhancing their skill sets. This initiative aims to contribute to the development of a skilled workforce in Aotearoa New Zealand, addressing the growing demand for tourism professionals. By investing in the education of our graduates, this scholarship helps them acquire skills relevant to the current and emerging tourism industry, providing financial assistance for further studies to ensure they excel in the dynamic tourism sector.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Graduate Status: Applicants must have successfully completed a Certificate in Tourism Level 4 OR International Flight Attending Level 4 offered by NZST.

  2. Academic Performance: Applicants must have a strong academic record,and attendance, demonstrating excellence in their studies.

  3. Career Development: Applicants should show a commitment to professional growth and continuous learning within the tourism industry.

  4. Domestic Status: Applicants must be a citizen of Aotearoa New Zealand or a holder of Aotearoa New Zealand residence class visa.  

Scholarship Benefits

  1. Tuition Assistance: The scholarship will cover full or partial tuition fees for the chosen program.

  2. Learning Materials: Recipients will receive funding for essential learning resources, including textbooks, software, and other necessary materials.

Application Process

  1. In-person interview: Meet with the National Sales Manager or Head of Sales to discuss why you feel you deserve the Graduate Upskilling Scholarship. 

  2. Personal Statement: Submit a personal statement (500-750 words) outlining your career objectives, how the additional qualification will support these goals, and why you deserve the scholarship.

  3. Academic Transcripts: Provide official academic and attendance transcripts from your completed program ( to be provided by Campus Manager or Team Lead).

  4. Recommendation Letter: Submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or industry professionals who can attest to your academic and professional capabilities.

Selection Criteria

  1. Academic and Attendance Achievement: Evaluated based on academic transcripts and recommendation letter (minimum 90%).

  2. Commitment to Tourism: Evidence of passion and dedication to advancing within the tourism sector.

Closing date - Monday June 3rd 2024.