Student Success – Ben Gounden

Student Success – Ben Gounden

23 June 2021

Securing a job at 4.5 star rated hotel, Sudima Hotels, is just the start of 19-year-old Ben’s flourishing career in the service industry.

Sudima Hotels is a national network; with locations in Auckland, Rotorua, Christchurch, Queenstown and Kaikōura. As the country’s first Toitū CarboNZero certified hotel, it exemplifies the best in sustainable architecture and systems with world-class features such as self-care designed rooms and a plant-focused restaurant cuisine.

“I can’t believe I get to work with one of the most prestigious hotels in New Zealand so early on in my career.”

“I came from pretty humble beginnings. Born in Fiji, my family didn’t have a whole lot of career options to choose from – especially jobs that allowed them to live and work in a major city. Their seemingly unreachable dream is within my sights, and I feel so blessed!”

Ben will soon graduate with a Level 6 Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management, and he is bursting at the seams to start working in the industry and progress into a leadership role.

“My next goal is to work at Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs in the US. I like the idea of living on my own in a completely different country so I can continue building my confidence and independence.”

Ben was nominated to be a student class rep – exemplifying his matured skills in leadership.

“Confidence is the key to success, no matter what you do. I’ve found that within myself here and it has unlocked a world of possibilities.