Student Profile – Bethany Iosefa

Student Profile – Bethany Iosefa

23 June 2021
“The conventional route to success looks different for everyone,” says Bethany.

“While doing NCEA Level 3 at high school, I didn’t feel like any of the subjects inspired me and so I was quite unmotivated and unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. I then decided to complete my Level 3 at the New Zealand School of Tourism as I felt the tutors and the environment really fit my learning style – allowing me to thrive.”

Bethany’s experience has made her feel prepared to enter the job market. She says her studies have taught her how to be work-ready and world-ready – key skills for a professional in the travel and tourism industry. “Here we are taught to look at life realistically in preparation for the real world. Our trainers encourage us to present ourselves as professionals when we come into campus. This means always dressing in corporate wear, being on time and striving for excellence each and every day.”

“I have very proud Samoan parents. My dad is always pushing me to keep going and reiterates the Samoan line; Fai ma le fa’amaoni, which means keep striving for greatness but do it with humility, confidence and pride. That’s what I live my life by and what I’ve been exercising throughout my studies here.”

Embodying “Fai ma le fa’amaoni” and her new-found confidence, Bethany is finishing her Level 6 Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management with the intention of progressing to an even higher level of study.

“Not even a pandemic can stop me from continuing to grow my knowledge and expertise in the travel and tourism industry.”