Reimagine tourism and travel in the future - Meet Micala Lindsay

Reimagine tourism and travel in the future - Meet Micala Lindsay

29 September 2021

The hotel and hospitality industry is flourishing with young talent broadening their skills in business.

Knowledge of business practices is increasingly becoming a desired skill in hotel and hospitality industry. Acumen in entrepreneurship is a keyway of thinking to engage with the operations of a business to better serve organisational goals.

Micala Lindsay, has felt a step ahead in the industry with the breadth of skills she’s gained at the New Zealand School of Tourism, graduating with a type: entry-hyperlink id: 70WQpLUtv8WYLYGJnGDBcu.

“A lot of the stuff you learn isn’t just about tourism. It’s also about business and management skills. This gives you more options when you graduate for a variety of roles in tourism, hospitality, and management.”

She says her studies have prepared her to be “work ready and world ready” – easing her transition into the workforce with a breadth of skills in business administration, public speaking and leadership.

“At level 6, we do a module on accounting and finance which gives you the knowledge to navigate the workforce and pursue further study through a business degree.”

Despite wavering COVID-19 alert levels and border restrictions, Micala has not given up on her dreams to work abroad. NZST’s strong online learning system and tutors has allowed her to continue to prosper in her studies and pursue her chosen career pathways. 

At the end of this year, Micala will be flying to the United States to start her internship with The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs.

“NZST graduates have a great reputation with The Broadmoor. NZST is the place to be if you want to be connected with overseas employment opportunities in the industry.”


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