Success Story – Tiffany Perko

Success Story – Tiffany Perko

12 June 2020

What course did you complete? When? 

Tourism, Airline & Flight Attending Level 4; Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management Level 5

Campus: NZST Hamilton

Current student or Graduate? Graduate

Why did you choose a course at NZST?

I picked NZST because of the diverse way of teaching. I had done a lot of research on other providers and thought that NZST was the best place for me. I liked the idea that there was a maximum of 22 students in each class, which would give me the opportunity to build a relationship with my tutors and peers.

How has your course at NZST helped you in your current role or career?

Studying at NZST has taught me how important presentation is when you meet people. How you put on your uniform you aren’t just representing yourself but the company. From my first week here at NZST grooming has been drilled into me. After gaining employment at NZST I knew the standard that was expected of me and it just became normal.

Where are you working now?  And what is your role?

New Zealand School of Tourism – Customer Service Officer

What does your work involve?

My role involves student loan and allowance issues, study link queries, amendments to student enrolment, refunds and cancellations, orientation day queries, fees free, student paperwork and administration.

What is the most exciting aspect of your job? 

The best thing about my role is working closely with students. A highlight for me is watching our Diploma students finding out if they have gained their dream internships (some being Disney or Broadmoor).  I also enjoy the fact that every day is different, nothing is like the day before and I love that. But the best thing about my job is the bunch of really interesting and wonderful people I get to work alongside.

Did your course at NZST live up to your expectations? 

While studying here at NZST my courses definitely lived up to my expectations. Not only did I gain my qualifications, but I gained a new perspective on life. Every day was different from the other.  Like one day being a hotel murder scene and trying to work out who was the killer and then learning about everyone’s roles and responsibilities who played in the game that related back to an actual hotel. Then doing practical's in Auckland, like sliding down the aircraft slide, setting up life rafts, to doing commands and open aircraft doors in an emergency.

What were the highlights of your course?

Going on orientation tours was really important to me. You get to bond with your classmates like never before. Completing my last internship report was a really awesome feeling too! Knowing all the hard work I had put in over the year was worth it.

What is one of the lessons you’ve learnt through your experience to date?

A huge experience for me is that hard work will get you a long way. You can take shortcuts but taking the long road is always worth it in the end. Taking a look back on what I have overcome and experienced I would never have thought I would have ended up here. Reflecting on my time here at NZST I would have never guessed I would be working for such a unique and interesting company. Working as the Customer Service Officer I have learnt so much in such a little time. How to prioritise tasks in importance, to having to make sure I have time management, so I don’t miss deadlines, and dealing with things that unexpectedly pop up.