Success Story - Todd Didham

Success Story - Todd Didham

30 September 2020

What programmes did you complete?

Level 4 Tourism airline and flight attending 2018 Level 5 Travel and Tourism management 2018

Were you always hoping to be in the tourism industry?

My dream path wasn’t always tourism. I was originally going to study journalism so I could pursue a career in radio or TV.  While I was still at school obtaining credits to get into university I was invited from my careers advisor at school to do a two day taster course for flight attending at Tauranga airport.  After I did that I had a feeling that this was the career path I wanted to explore, so that day was really the turning point for me.

Why did you choose NZST for your programme?

The reason I chose NZST was because when I went in to have a look around, to see what it was like, it gave me this family vibe and I felt like it was the place where I could belong.

How did the NZST programmes help you?

The courses at NZST really helped me understand what the tourism industry is like, and even gave me a taste of what it is all about. It also really helped me with my training at Qantas because it was set out just the same as NZST.  So I already had a lot of prior knowledge that I could take with me to use at my current role.

Where are you working and what is your role?

I am currently working at Qantas Airways in Auckland as a Customer Consultant.  This role involves making and changing bookings for customers and assisting in flight disruptions, as well as assisting travel agents with bookings through Qantas and making sure customers journeys are as smooth as possible.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part of my job is making a customer’s dream trip come true. I love the feeling of putting in so much effort, finding fares that suit customers for the trip they’ve been planning for years.

Did the programme at NZST live up to your expectations?

The course at NZST really did live up to my expectations because it gave me a solid foundation of knowledge that I can take with me in the industry forever.

What were some of the highlights?

Going on the study tours. I really enjoyed experiencing all these new activities that I would never have done without doing this course. Another highlight would also be taking part in the Kapa Haka group and performing to all the other campuses that came to visit.

What’s a life lesson you’ve learnt?

One of the lessons I have learned in my experience is that hard work really does pay off and that if you work hard towards your goals and keep trying then you will get there.  This lesson has also given me a chance to self-reflect and see what I can do better to become the best I can be.