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Tourism & Hospitality in New Zealand

LevelLevel 2
Duration22 weeks

This fees-free course is perfect if you want to study with us but don’t have your NCEA Level 2. There’s lots of variety and you’ll learn everything from hospitality & tourism to customer service & team building.


Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management

LevelLevel 5
Duration32 weeks

This course features modules like Walt Disney, luxury tourism and marketing, meaning you'll have heaps of fun while you learn how to channel your passion for tourism into a career.


Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management

LevelLevel 6
Duration32 weeks

Covering communication & marketing, environmental sustainability, Maori culture and creating a world-class visitor experience, this course puts you in the best position to take your pick of tourism jobs.

The Tourism Travel and Airline Industry - Tourism Strand (Level 3)

LevelLevel 3
Duration15 weeks

Whether you want to train for a future in tourism or aviation or you’re just keen to get a better understanding of how the business world works, this fun course will build your confidence and teach you a range of business skills.


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