Disney Internship a Dream Come True

19 August 2022Disney Internship a Dream Come True

Image: Madi Haswell (third from right) with her NZST classmates. She will spend six months at Disney World, Florida.


Interning at Disney World is a dream for many young people. It’s no exception for 18-year-old Madison Haswell, of Burwood, who has landed her six-month coveted internship at Disney World in Florida.

She was among the top 15 students selected from a pool of more than 100 applicants in New Zealand.

“I have always wanted to get a role in Disney, ever since I was a little girl,” Haswell said.

The competitive internship programme required filling out an online application and submitting a resume. Only 30 students were selected for a face-to-face interview with the Disney recruitment team.

Having worked part-time in customer service roles for more than two years, Haswell sailed through the interview.

“I didn’t find the interview difficult,” she said. “I was being myself the whole interview.”

All Haswell knows so far is that she will start with a position in the attractions department, which fits right in with her love of customer service.

“I like interacting with people and getting to know them,” she said.

“By going to Disney, I would get a chance to learn different cultures. On top of that, I hope people could learn more about New Zealand too!”

Her bubbly and outgoing personality also landed her an internship with The Edge radio station in year 11. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to Covid-19. But it was during that time Haswell realised high school was not for her.

“I entered high school like any normal [person],” she recalled, “but then I knew that I wanted to pursue other things that I am passionate for.”

Haswell left school a year later.

“Looking back I don’t have any regret,” she said.

“I think at the time, I was stuck at what I wanted to do until I heard about tourism school.”

She then enrolled in the New Zealand School of Tourism, where she quickly found herself leaning towards travel and tourism roles.

“Without the school’s support, I don’t think I would have ever got this internship,” she said.

Haswell is scheduled to leave for the US next month.

This article was sourced from The Star.