Student Success – Rebecca Tapper

Student Success – Rebecca Tapper

8 September 2020

What course did you complete? When?

I completed a Certificate in Airline, Travel and Tourism, Level 3 and a Certificate in Flight Attending, Level 4 throughout the year of 2018

Why did you choose a course at NZST?

I left high school to work full-time for a break year, which ended up turning into three years. Then Labour won government, and they provided a fees-free year for anyone who wanted to study and hadn’t before in 2018. I knew I needed to take that opportunity. I looked around as I had always enjoyed travel and tourism and found this course.  I knew it was for me as it is an industry I wanted to learn and grow in.

How has your course at NZST helped you in your current role or career? 

I have brought a lot of information that I learned at NZST into my current career, especially from the flight attending course. It has helped me prepare for what my role would be all about, and how to deal with certain situations that I may encounter.

Where are you working now?  And what is your role?

I work with Air New Zealand, Mount Cook Airlines as a flight attendant

What does your work involve?

My main role is safety as priority number one, then customer service. We need to get passengers to their destination safely, and with the amazing service that we can provide give them the best experience.

What is the most exciting aspect of your job? 

No day is ever the same, meeting so many new people and hearing their stories. Also flying, and visiting beautiful places around New Zealand is a huge perk.

Did your course at NZST live up to your expectations? 

Yes, I expected to learn about the travel and tourism industry and I did, plus a lot more. NZST is different from other places. I found it fun and exciting, which made it a great environment to learn in.

What were the highlights of your course?

The Study Tour was definitely my highlight. To experience places I never thought I’d go to like Franz Josef Glacier, Fox Glacier, Shantytown and the whole west coast vibe. Making amazing memories will be something I’ll never forget.

What is one of the lessons you’ve learnt through your experience to date?

Always push yourself and do what you want to do. You are worthy of any job you want to pursue and are in charge of your life – don’t let anything hold you back. Study for that job, go experience the world, it can be scary but the outcome is 100% worth it and life changing.




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