New Zealand School of Tourism discusses plane manners on Seven Sharp

26 May 2023New Zealand School of Tourism discusses plane manners on Seven Sharp

Luci Taoa is a veteran flight attendant with 14 years of work experience under her belt who now spends her time passing wisdom onto the future of the travel industry.

As the number of people taking to the skies reaches pre-pandemic levels, Luci spoke to Seven Sharp’s Rhiannon McCaull, from a training aircraft at the New Zealand School of Tourism’s Auckland Airport campus.

The pair spoke about passengers who seem to be leaving their manners at the terminal.

“Things have changed dramatically with Covid-19, and I think people have forgotten their manners,” Luci explained.

Luci said a great passenger is a mindful one; “someone who's polite and uses their manners and someone who knows that it's not just about themselves, there's a whole lot of other people on board.

“Be happy! You're going on a holiday. You're flying off somewhere.”

There were a few tips Luci encouraged potential passengers to take onboard.

She said it's worth asking seat neighbours if it's okay to do anything that may be inconvenient.

"What I normally do is if I'm on a flight, I will ask the person behind me, would you mind if I just reclined my chair?

"It's just really good manners."

When it came to arm rests – Luci revealed they are fair game.

"So, the armrest is not anyone's. It's shared between all the passengers that are sitting in that row.

"As long as you're considerate."

New Zealand School of Tourism offers a range of Flight Attending and Aviation courses. To find out more about these courses visit the website here.

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