Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a hidden paradise located halfway between New Zealand and New Caledonia. Steeped in history and with natural beauty everywhere you turn, it’s an ideal place to get away from it all!



What to expect

You’ll get the opportunity to work at one of Norfolk Island’s hotels or resorts for 12 weeks.

As Norfolk Island is small, the roles you'll experience will be varied, giving you fantastic exposure to a range of different jobs helping you choose what you'd like to pursue when you get back to NZ.

And best of all, you can't beat the sunshine and beaches!




Norfolk Island, South Pacific

What job will I get placed in when I’m in Norfolk Island? 

  • You’ll have the chance to experience a range of roles with accommodation providers in Norfolk Island.

How will I get around?

  • There is no public transport on the island, but we have great relationships with the locals on Norfolk Island who kindly lend their e-bikes, cars and motorbikes for students to explore!

How will I be paid?

  • You’ll be paid in Australian Dollars for your work on Norfolk Island.

Is accommodation provided?

  • Yes! You’ll be looked after by the hotel or resort you’re staying at. 

What can I do on my days off?

  • Norfolk Island is a unique island destination with a mix of white sand beaches, rugged coastlines and intriguing pine forests. The island is full of native plants and wildlife, surprising you everywhere you turn. To find out more about this incredible Pacific Island, visit the Tourism Norfolk Island website.



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